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Hennes Communications has built its business by helping clients manage their communications response to reputational challenges, crisis events and issues that threaten their ability to carry out their mission and serve their stakeholders.  Based in Cleveland, Ohio with a satellite office in Akron, for 30 years our firm has served public and private companies, educational institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies and nonprofit organizations that find themselves “on trial in the Court of Public Opinion.” We help clients regionally, nationally and internationally by:

  • Developing and executing strategic communications responses to crises, emerging issues and other game-changing internal and external events

  • Helping clients communicate effectively during times of change and reputational challenge

  • Assessing client risks; developing communication plans to address those risks and other crisis threats

  • Conducting customized media training and crisis drills

  • Providing litigation communications support

  • Preparing and coaching executives for their role as organizational spokespersons

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