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Equity Lane, LLC, is a consulting firm located in Akron, Ohio, that focuses on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility strategy, working with organizations and their leadership teams striving to broaden the impact of this important work. Equity Lane offers practical guidance to leaders in the corporate, education, and non-profit sectors in developing intercultural competence for work project improvement and organizational change.  We focus on cultural competence as well as diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility as core values in leadership development and as a fundamental valuable skill needed to foster an effective workplace culture.


Equity Lane provides comprehensive and best practices training intentionally designed to address the recent rise of intercultural competence as an important competency in the workplace, particularly as it is emerging as an imperative both within organizations and communities.  We attend to the miscellaneous terms used to represent intercultural competence --- cultural intelligence, intercultural learning, global citizenship, and others --- as DEI strategy continues to be especially relevant to employability, the increasing diversity of the world in which we live, and the pressing global challenges confronting us as humans.  Coaching and offering guidance toward the development of these destinations, we infer the knowledge, skills, attitudes and tactics needed to:

  • interact successfully with others from different backgrounds and thrive in multicultural settings

  • build a healthy and thriving workplace culture

  • nurture the organizational DEI values growing out of the increasing necessity and aspiration to diversify the workforce in all areas of business, finance, enterprise, social policy, and public service

  • address the changing demographics of the client base and be sensitive to the associated changing needs

  • confront the business focus on intercultural competence that is driven by economic and social factors

  • address the goals of social responsibility which have been elevated as a vital aspect of leadership and the character of a community

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