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BMD Gateway is a customizable, cloud-based proactive risk management solution for employers. The platform was developed by industry-leading attorneys to prevent, protect and preemptively avoid disputes through comprehensive training and compliance programs and trainings, policy and document acknowledgment, tracking and reporting to quickly eliminate employers from employment litigation when disputes arise.
BMD Gateway provides critical risk mitigation to businesses of all sizes, including:
  • Comprehensive training on all HR Compliance and Employment Law issues
  • Compliance, Regulatory, and Best Practices Training, including OSHA, HIPAA, EH&S, and more
  • Document and form storage and access point for all employees
  • Employee acknowledgement of receipt of all training and forms
  • Business operation training and notifications
  • Anonymous reporting and Whistleblower Hotline
  • Benefits and tax information
  • Customized training options
  • All programs created by your Trusted Advisors
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